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I (Sal) never participated in a organized tennis team growing-up, but I did play this sport for fun. I can't remember exactly the first time I played, but I did start out playing ping-pong or table tennis when I was raised at home. My family bought a ping-pong table, which I would play with everybody at home or with friends that I invited to come over after school. It was smacked in the middle of our living room, which we had different purposes for it when it wasn't used for playing. For example, we would use it as our dinning room table during meals or a place to do homework.

My earliest memory playing tennis would be over at my Aunt's neighborhood. We would practice with these very nice rackets that my Aunt owned and work on our skills before supper-time. It was one of the several good physical workouts our Aunt trained my siblings and I. Another early memory would be playing with some buddies from Middle School, which a friend name Jim would beat me all the time. He ended up playing for the High School we both ended up attending.

Now, I play this sport now-and-then at Morris, more after college since I've gotten more time! I also have began playing racquetball a lot during the long winters to keep the groove on!

Playing Tennis

I would like to pray more often, but I take advantage when I get the opportunity. During my July 4th 2007 Holiday Week vacation in St. Paul, I played with my Uncle Lou, Aunti Lita, and Sean at a tennis court (scene of my past racism-discrimination incident) along Burns Ave by the intersection of Hwy 61 in East St. Paul....


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Did you know there used to be tennis courts by the now existing Regional Fitness Center?

A good place to play in Morris would be the tennis courts by the Morris Area High School along Green River Road.

...and Green River Park

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Tennis at Green River Park (August 7th 2011)


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  • Serena Williams

  • "Serena is deeply committed to philanthropic causes. She visits schools and hospitals, and conducts tennis clinics for at-risk youth. Through her work with The Owl Foundation, she is able to help fund programs that address learning problems for individuals who experience academic failure. Its mission is to ensure that every child is treated individually and is provided with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Some of the other organizations that Serena supports, include: the S.E. Tennis and Learning Center, in Washington, D.C.; the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund; Race for the Homeless, Stop the Violence, the Special Olympics, and the Arthur Ashe Foundation."
    ".. born in Saginaw, Michigan. When she and her four sisters were young, their parents, Richard and Oracene (also called Brandy), moved to the Los Angeles suburb of Compton. Her father dreamed of making at least one of his daughters a tennis superstar, hoping that involvement in sports would give them an opportunity for a better life. The children were homeschooled.[3]
    When Serena was four and a half, she won her first tournament, and she entered 49 tournaments by the age of 10, winning 46 of them. At one point, she replaced her sister Venus as the number one ranked tennis player aged 12 or under in California..."

  • Venus Williams
  • Wikipedia
    "..(born June 17, 1980) is an American professional tennis player, the first African American to be ranked World No. 1, and the reigning Wimbledon singles and doubles champion.
    Williams has won 16 Grand Slam titles - 7 in singles, 7 in women's doubles, and 2 in mixed doubles. She also has won Olympic gold medals in the singles and women's doubles events. She is the older sister of former World No. 1 tennis player Serena Williams. The Williams sisters are noted for their power games."


  • Michael Chang, a Hong Kong: Asian-American tennis great!

  • Michael Chang

    "Michael Chang in his early years"



    Matrix table tennis

    "Matrix table tennis"


    International Christian Tennis Association Youth Challenge!!, from
    "Scott Paschal pastors this International Christian Tennis Association video challenging youth in tennis and beyond to step up and lead!
    Be more, live larger, follow the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as recorded by Mathew.
    International Christian Tennis Association offers an online Christian church service each Saturday night and Sunday morning. All people in all countries are welcome!"

    *see Bible

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