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I'll (Sal) be umping a Girls Junior High Softball game this coming Tuesday (6/7/05), so I decided to look into the rules and tips of the game.

What I Learn from a Softball Game Knee Injury?
*wrote this today (Saturday, May 5th of 2007) after submitting this to Sermon on the Mound, book questionaaire by Michael O' Connor (found this site while searching for the Biblical story).

I was playing softball for my church (Morris, MN) co-ed team back in the summer of 2003. We kept on losing one game after another in this church softball league in (20 minutes southwest) Benson, Minnesota. In one of the games towards the end of the season, I was getting very frustrated. We were losing pretty badly and I was having some negative thoughts in my head as I was playing second base. The ball was hit to me and made an awkward dive-just missing the ball! I ended up limping off the field after that inning and ended up getting some crutches. I tore something (nothing too serious) by my knee (had an injury in the same area previously while down-hill skiing 6-7 years ago) and had to rest this left leg. God taught me to humble myself and not take the game too seriously. During the weeks of rest, I had some long quiet times with God and was ministered too by my Heavenly Father!

Another Injury!..Fractured Nose


During (Thursday, August 18th 2011) the 3rd round of playoffs (2nd game of the evening-bottom of the 6th inning), I had a collission at the play as I was the catcher for my team (American Eagle Realty). It was one of those routine plays on getting the "go-ahead" runner coming from 3rd to Home. Well, I just needed to tag the guy running down the line towards Home. I should've just reached out to tag him and get out of the way, but I just stood there and got "plowed" off my feet. Fortunately, I held on to the ball long enough, but the ball rolled out later because of the "impact" of the hit. As I got up from the ground (was laying on my back), I continued to play catcher when I realize blood was coming down my nose. I just kept wipping it off as I was trying to finish the inning. I didn't realize how serious it was until the "oppossing" batter came to back asking if I was "ok". I kept wipping it off and said "yeah". When the inning was over, I walked back to our bench and my teammates just stared at me looking concern. That's when I really realized this nose bleed was serious. One of my teammates (Nate M.) is an EMT, which he suggested I go see the ER soon! I was very blessed to have Nate there in this particular game. He hasn't been able to come to our games lately, so having him there this particular night was a HUGE blessing! He advised me to see the doctore immediately because of the seriousness of my nose bleed and puffiness look. There was a chance that my nose got dislocated and had to be "aligned" or worse case scenario that it was a septal hematoma. This kind of "freaked" me out! If I had this, I would might have to be transported to St. Cloud to get treatment. The game was over (had Nate take my place as catcher during the last inning), so I decided to join my team to shake hands with the oppossing team at the end of the game. The guy that hit me actually apologized. My teammate (Mike S.) was nice enough to drive me to the ER (wife drove my car) after the game. When I got there (around 10pm), I was fortunately the only patient. I just had to wait awhile (got cleaned-up in the bathroom while waiting) until I got looked by a nurse (J.) I was a little "high" at the ER as I kept chatting about how my team won, which this probably helped me overlook my pain on my nose. My teammates kept asking if it hurt, but I told them I couldn't really feel anything. One of the blessings of having a BIG nose!! I was praying "hard" in my mind during the "waiting" time as I was calling out to the Lord for His "hand" to work on some healing on my nose. I was praying for healing on my bones. Then I got an x-ray done (prayed more too during this procedure) , which the doctor ("W") came out with a "better" report than I thought it would be. He told me it was small fracture in the bridge of my nose and just need to rest for healing. I told the nurse that I there were folks from my church there and one (Nancy B.) of them prayed for me before I got here. The nurse told me that her prayers seem to work! Glory to God! Getting back to the softball win, it was a needed out as our team had a pretty big lead and they were "racking" in some runs to try to come behind during that bottom 6th inning "rally" attempt by our opposing team. We ended up winning 14-8. Despite our earlier lost (12-6? against the toughest team-Benson) that evening, we advanced to the 4th round of playoffs next Tuesday! Please continue to keep my in your prayers for quick healing of my fractured nose, so I can start playing (e.g. soccer, softball,etc...) soon before the summer ends! Also, feel free to contact me of any prayer requests or stories you may have related to this short story of mine.

....see concussion symptoms (suffered later)

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SB 2010 -- Pennie Is Pleased

(Chizek Field)


  • American Eagle Realty, local softball team (with many local church family) I've played for since 2008

  • {2013}

    GoodnewsMorrisInfo's Accelerated Chiopractic Softball 2013 Season album on Photobucket


    American Eagle Softball 2012 Season 2nd Week


    "One of many team homeruns this season"



    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}


    Shared at (see Liberal Arts: Photography )

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    AER Offense 2009

    "American Eagle Realty softball team - Offense "
    *from Thursday, July 16th of 2009


    @copyright pics by Whitney C. (Coach Bobby's wife!)
    I turned my first "ever" double play as a second basemen with the help of my teammates (3rd-Steve, 1st-Kris H.). Unfortunately, I would miss the next 2 potential double plays and our team would lose a close one-5 to 2 against Culligan (Wheaton, MN).

    Looking Ahead and not dwelling in the Past

    Today (Sunday, July 19th of 2009), I decided to add to this "highlight" after a great service this morning at my local church. I was "encouraged" to hear the importance of "encouraging" one another-especially as a church "body" mentioned many times in the Bible. I then reflected about my "first" double play this past Thursday. I realized or remembered that this double-play came about after not getting a routine ground ball quicker enough to get one of the runners out. Thus, this guy made it to first and a "bad" situation can be a "good" opportunity to redeem myself if I get a double-play. My Coach ("Bobby") reminded me "again" to "not" dwell on this "error" and get ready for the next play. Well, I actually didn't think of this "double-play" when this came about with the "next" batter. I was so excited that I was pumped up rest of the game-even though I missed some more opportunities (on the field and off). However, I feel getting this "first-time" ever play just built my confidence to play "better" the rest of the season. Also, from the "message" theme from church service this morning, I feel that this can be applied "off-the-field" too. I was struggling to remember a popular quote from a previous message at a church meeting or gathering, but got some help after asking God...

    "God is NOT interested in your setbacks (e.g. mistakes, "errors", mishaps, etc...), but He is MORE interested in your comebacks (e.g. how you learn from this situation or experience and turn it into a "positive" outcome)"

    We sometimes dwell in our "mistakes" and it clouds our mind to focus on your current situation (e.g. how a sports player makes another "error" because he/she is dwelling on his/her previous "error") or the future. This is where encouraging one another comes- it might take a friend, teammate, fellow church member, family, etc.... to "take your mind off" your "error" (e.g. challenges, worries, etc...) and re-focus to the current situation. Someone close to you might not always be there to do this, so you just need to call upon the Lord (e.g. lay your "burdens" before Him on the Cross) -Heavenly Father-reading His Word (has many samples of people who made "mistakes" and got a "second chance" to turn their lives around!-e.g. "King David", who committed adultery) can help you to do this "daily"!!

    I decided to add more to this today (Tuesday, July 21st of 2009). I feel when we dwell so much about our past, it prevents us to "fully" live our current lives to be "successful" in the future.

    "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. "-John 10:10

    I remember back in high school pinch-running for a teammate of mine in a Junior Varsity (J.V.) game. It was my sophomore year and was so excited to play J.V. (I've been playing for the 9th grade baseball team still in my sophomore year!!) for a BIG game (it was against St. Paul Conference Champs or "Best"-Cretin Durham Hall). Well, I pinched-run for a teammate of mine on first base and was able to move as far as 3rd base. I was so excited that I was leaning off too far from 3rd base because I was anxious to get to "home" plate. The opposing team's catcher notice my BIG lead, so he threw to the 3rd basemen and got me out! I actually cried after the game-yeah, I know-"there is no crying in baseball" (a line from the movie, "A League of Their Own"). Well, after this "unforgotten-traumatizing" moment in my high school sports career, I would dwell in this play forever in and out of the field. I would be afraid to take chances because I would be afraid of making the same or similar mistake. It took me awhile to get over it, but if I knew God (accept Him as my "Lord" and "Savior" to begin a personal relationship) as I do now- the only thing I had to do is ask God-Heavenly Father in prayer (sample below) to "heal" me from things of the past that has scarred me for life. Well, I would continue to make more mistakes (some bigger than this!) in life and will continue to in the future. However, we can help and encourage others, so they won't make the same mistake or speak into those going through a "mistake". To close, here is a "sample" prayer you can ask God if you are going through a similar situation....

    "Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins-mistakes I've committed knowingly in my lifetime. I ask you right now to heal me of all the unfortunate incidents that has scarred me to this day. I believe that same power that rose You from the grave in Calvary is the same power in us to heal me. Thank You in Jesus' name...AMEN!!

    Softball 09

    "A few clips from the June 16th softball games "


    Personal Stat:
    First Last Name PA AB R H 1B 2B 3B HR RBI TB SO BB SAC BA OBP SLG
    Sal Monteagudo 47 46 12 25 25 0 0 0 4 25 1 1 0 0.543 0.553 0.543

    End of Year Results and Leaders/Records
    Record: 5-13
    Longest Hit Streak: 18 games (Bobby)
    Most Hits in a Game: 4 (Kris, Sal, Bobby)
    Batting Champ: Joe (.581)
    RBI Champ: Adam Hanson (21)
    Home Run Champ: Bobby (1)

    Record: 5-13



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    "Seventeen year old Paige Stevens is a talented softball player with a bright future ahead of her. But Paige's strength and determination didn't come easily. She lost her beloved little brother on the field she loves playing and is haunted by that tragic day every time she steps on the home field. Paige and her family put their faith and hope in God and they know little Dylan is rejoicing in heaven."


    The Home Run

    "When a homerun means so much more. Sportsmanship and love on display, truly inspiring."
    *see Life: Boldness, Bravery, Courage, Guts, Stand-Up!!, etc....


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